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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Jam 2012

Wow, what a trip.
Last June, three of us from KSMA Denver made the trip up to Des Moines Iowa for the inaugural KSMA Summer Jam. Johnny, Troy and I roadtripped our way and arrived early in the morning.
The first day was spent unwinding, catching up with our martial family and eating.
An aside, food has always been an important part of any KSMA event, and this one was no exception. Jay makes an exceptional Harira, I would cross deserts to eat this wonderful Middle Eastern Stew. Add some sack yogurt and good thick sourdough and a great meal is made. The company made it better.

On to Saturday. What can I say, Jay has a great location at the KSMA "hombu" there, and it fit all of us nicely. Saturday started out with introductions, a small safety briefing, and thanks to Jake, coffee. Nothing in silat starts without coffee.
We started with some pikal work, cross referencing to empty hand and pocket stick work. Everyone seemed to pick up the drills nicely, and skills were coming up quickly.
After this section, Jay took over with Nick Stick, which is an awesome conceptual tool based on a medio sumbrada. Seriously, hit him up for a seminar (, this material is golden, and Jay is masterful at teaching it.
Lunch!!! Have you noticed how much we like to eat? Jay and Tina escorted us to a nice Mexican restaurant which seated our large group and provided us great service.
Back to the school for round 3.
Jay kicked off the afternoon session with an exploration of Hubud and some of the switches. This is such a foundation of our training that I don't think we can go a session with out referencing it some how. Once again, Jay taught with aplomb and we all learned alot.
Too close out the day it was once again my turn. We had a session of Flow Sparring, which gives everyone a chance to try their skills and apply force in a safer manner. It also can wear you out rapidly, so after this, the day was done.
We all convened at Tina and Jays place for a potluck. Much good food was consumed, some tasty beer and desserts, and entertainment was mostly provided by Jake.

Day two started on time, and with no hangovers... I guess we learn and grow over the years.
Sunday was mostly lecture, with Jay and I going over the intellectual side of the house. Many good questions were asked, which spurred even more exploration. Our guest samurai instructors then showed up to give us a taste of their mix of Japanese arts and some Systema.
After they left, we got back down to the mental game that is so important to make this work.

A cajun meal and back to Jays place for a great evening hanging out and watching heavy metal documentaries closed out our stay.
Thank you Jay and Tina, you are great hosts, and made us feel at home.
Monday morning my ruffians and I rolled out and made it back to Denver hungry for the next Jam.
Join us, it's a blast.

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